With over 20 years in the Point of Sale industry, we specialize in bringing you leading-edge products. These products are designed to make the biggest impact to your operational efficiencies and bottom line.

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Our products:

TDS Bump Bar
TDS-R Bump Bar Repair Kit

Bump bars can be higher failure items and expensive to replace. With our bump bars and repair kits, you can repair or replace keypads for a fraction of the cost of new OEM units. Our keypads offer features that may not be found on others. Up to 300’ cables to most controllers. Push button feel without metal domes. Rugged nylon design will absorb the shock of constant use. Easy cable access without complete keypad disassembly or pigtails that are too short. Users and customers alike use our keypads because of the easy installation and compatibility with current overlays, great feel of the button presses, and the money they save over others. The buttons are likely different than you have used before, no domes to break or fall out on the line, or magnets that are too small and sometimes hard to press. Dianne McNeeley, IT Director of Apple American Group, said this of our TDS Keypads,: “Affordable. Efficient. Easy to maintain and repair. Best bump bar value out there!” They use our keypads and repair kits to support over 270 Applebee’s restaurants. Our patented keypad design will also allow customers to repair keypads manufactured by others. Our repair kits are compatible with keypads manufactured by QSR Automations, Inc., model numbers KP-2200, KP-3000, KP-4000.